Mastering the Markets Vol. 1

Comprehensive Course for Traders of All Levels

Introduction to financial markets

In this first lesson, you will enter the exciting world of financial markets. You will learn the fundamental concepts of how markets work, who participates in them and what factors influence asset prices. You will gain a solid overview that will allow you to understand the big picture and lay the foundation for your future trading experience. 

12 videos

Length 85 min

¿How does trading work?

You will discover the ins and outs of the trading world. You will learn about the key participants in trading, the different players in the financial markets, the concepts of buying and selling, what is a lot, the strategies of going long or short, and you will understand why investors take short positions. This lesson will provide you with a solid overview of the fundamentals of trading to advance your trading journey. 

6 videos

Duration 40 min

Orders, execution and leverage.

In this third lesson, you will explore key concepts such as orders, execution and leverage in trading. You will learn about the different types of orders used, including stop orders to manage risk, and we will also address the concept of leverage and margin calls. You will gain a detailed understanding of these fundamental topics in trading. 

6 videos

Duration 52 min

Risk planning and management

This risk planning and management course provides you with the necessary tools to identify, assess and manage risks in different contexts. It is suitable for beginners who wish to understand the basics of risk management, as well as for experienced traders looking to improve their skills and broaden their knowledge in this fundamental aspect of trading. 

7 videos

Duration 50 min

Basic principles of technical analysis

Discover how to find potential trading opportunities by analyzing market patterns and trends through this comprehensive course on the basics of technical analysis. Designed to enrich the knowledge of some experienced traders in this discipline, it studies the essential fundamentals of technical analysis, including chart interpretation, price pattern recognition and the use of technical indicators. 

10 videos

Duration 55 min

Trading Psychology

The Trading Psychology course is an invaluable tool that immerses you in the fascinating world of emotions and the trading mind. Through its masterful lessons, you will explore the psychological complexities associated with financial decision making, developing skills to masterfully manage fear, greed and other emotional factors that influence your results as a seasoned trader. Discover how to master your emotions. 

6 videos

Duration 35 min

Fundamental Analysis

In this comprehensive fundamental analysis course, you will develop skills to thoroughly evaluate the financial health of companies. Through detailed examination of financial reports and the use of various analytical tools, you will discover how to determine the intrinsic value of assets. This program of study goes beyond the basics, delving into key concepts such as financial statements, financial ratios and relevant economic events. You will gain an advanced and comprehensive approach to understanding the complexity of these elements and apply them strategically in your trading operations. 

8 videos

Duration 58 min

Fund Management

Delve into the exciting world of mutual fund management through this advanced course, designed to expand your knowledge and skills. Discover how to efficiently manage and optimize your investment funds, using the fundamental principles of portfolio management. You will learn proven strategies and techniques for diversifying, selecting and monitoring assets, as well as maximizing returns and managing risk. Get the tools you need to excel in fund management and achieve your financial goals. 

4 videos

Duration 30 min

CFD: Discover the Financial

Market’s Potential 

This three-video lesson will immerse you in the fascinating history and workings of Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Throughout this course, you will discover how CFDs have revolutionized the way people can access the various financial markets, providing investment opportunities without the need to own the underlying physical assets. Explore the many advantages and strategies of CFDs while broadening your knowledge and perspective on the world of finance. 

3 videos

Duration 25 min