The easiest way to invest in the markets is copytrading.

Copy the trades of successful investors into your own account, with no need to do anything but choose who you want to follow. 

Tarjetas información de inversión en Copytrading con STG Markets

Start effortlessly

Copy the strategies of the best traders and achieve the same results.  

  • Follow the right traders for your goals.
  • Automatically copy their trades with one click.
  • Connect with traders around the world anytime, anywhere.
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Metatrader 5 en computador, laptop y teléfono

Benefit from the potential of MT5 and follow our best traders

¡We make it easy! 

We have integrated the service into our Metatrader 5 platform, so you can start your experience in the most intuitive way possible. 

Once you have your MT5 live account, you can access the providers view to choose the best ones. 

Learn about the extensive benefits of copytrading

Select the traders you like the most and copy their trades with a single click. 

Access the best investment opportunities and achieve superior results. 

Control the risk and the capital you wish to invest in each trade. 

You can also stop copying at any time. 

View each trader’s history, statistics and profile, as well as their trades in real time. 

Learn from top traders, watch how they trade, what strategies they use and what tips they share. 

Get started in just 3 steps

Copy the trades of successful investors into your own account, with no need to do anything but choose who you want to follow. 

Tarjeta con la información de los copytraders de STG Markets

1.  Select the investor that best fits your strategy.


Gráficos de rendimiento con botón de Invest

2. Start copying by clicking on Invest.

Documento de registro para acceder a copytrading

3. Register your Metatrader 5 trading account.

Documento de suscripción y configuración a Copytrading

4. .Easily configure your strategy setup and activate your copy trading.

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Become our strategy provider with STGM Copytrading

¿Are you an experienced trader? Join as a provider and enjoy the benefits: 

  • Let others follow your trading strategies.
  • Become a social trading influencer on the platform.
  • Incrase your benefits by receiving a share of your followers profit.
  • Get clear statistics in your report.
  • Keep track of your trading history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copytrading is a way of investing in the financial markets that consists of copying the trades of other more experienced investors. In this way, you can take advantage of their knowledge, strategies and results without having to spend a lot of time or effort analyzing the market on your own. 

Copytrading can be a useful tool to learn from other traders, diversify your portfolio, access different financial instruments and participate in a community of investors who share their ideas and experiences. 

Yes, you need to open an account with the broker and deposit funds to enjoy the benefits of copytrading. 

To start copytrading on our platform, you need to: 

  • Register with the broker. 
  • Deposit funds into your account. 
  • Create a live account in MT5. 
  • Download the platform on IOS or Android 
  • Access the providers view in the link provided. 
  • Choose the providers and copy them. 

In the platform you will be able to visualize the historical performance of each trader and choose the most suitable for your operations. If you require more information, you can access each profile and check the historical performance.